Transmission Repairs

Do you do transmission repairs or just rebuilds? Because I just need one part replaced/repaired but I cannot do it myself.

Anytime that you tear down on a transmission there will be items such as snap rings, roll pins and oil seals that should not be reused, even if you have the intention of replacing only one part.  Sure people have done it but it is not something that we practice or recommend, especially if you want the job done right. 

Now let’s say that your transmission is grinding 2nd gear and someone told you that you need a new synchronizer ring to fix this problem. While this is partially true, you will still need some other parts to go along with it so that the job is done correctly.  You will also need a 1st/2nd hub & sleeve assembly because the engagement teeth on the sleeve have gotten all torn up from it grinding that shift.  Once the engagement teeth start to loose their profile it won’t shift as good as it should, so you’ll need that too.  If the transmission has been grinding that shift enough the engagement teeth on 2nd gear will become chipped up and rounded over and need replacement as well.  If one were to simply replace just the synchro there would be little chance of the transmission shifting nearly as good as it could have if the other damaged parts weren’t replaced.

Summary:  There will usually be several parts that need to be replaced to correct a transmission problem including some small parts that should be replaced anytime that the transmission has to come apart for service. If you have a transmission that works fine, for the most part, and only needs a couple things replaced we can do it. Just contact us with your problem and we’ll give you an estimate.