DSM AWD Transfer Case Rebuild Services





Every Transfer Case we build receives the following services as standard:

Tear down

Your transfer case is carefully disassembled and inspection reports are filed.  When it comes to upgrades and services we will assist by explaining all the options and the pro’s & con’s, so you yourself can easily make the wise choice when it comes to what you really need and not just what we can sell you.

Hot tank degreasing

We use a high pressure hot tank and mild biodegradable detergents remove the toughest soils leaving no residue your cleaned parts.

Contact pattern analysis

Spiral bevel gear contact patterns are noted for potential trouble and will be compared against the final assembly patterns.

Wet magnaflux crack inspection

We use a wet magnaflux machine detect cracks that you can’t see with the naked eye. Think of it this way, would you go to a surgeon who doesn’t use an X-ray machine?

Glass beaded transfer case

TRE glass beads the transfer case housings at a low pressure at high volume, making for a nice looking transfer case because the glass beads don’t impinge the aluminum. The cast iron front housing receives a heavy coat of satin black epoxy paint so it looks like new again. While we dislike most paints and coatings, we can send your transfer case out for powder coating for a fee. Many colors are available.

Final inspection

With a thorough understanding of what needs to be done to improve durability backed by army of machines and specialized tooling are experts in the arena of inspecting gear contact patterns and making corrections to both the transfer case housings and gearsets to insure a proper and full uniform tooth contact for maximum durability.

Spin tested

While we are not able to dynamically load test the transfer case in the most scientific manner we can still spin test them up to 1800 rpm and check them for noise and gear contact pattern.

Shipping Service

TRE offers the best transfer case shipping service. Our double wall boxes are larger and provide the best protection in the industry against damage during shipping & handling.  We care about your drivetrain components.

TRE builds the best transfer cases for your high power DSM. Our transfer cases are built right and durable.

The parts replaced in all AWD DSM transfer case rebuilds:

New input  coupling tapered roller bearings

Bearings are designed to have a certain amount of preload or clearance on them for long service life. TRE uses Genuine Mitsubishi bearings, making sure they are set right on the money, through proper techniques that provide the longest bearing life while holding the gearsets tight.

New oil seals & o-rings

All oil seals & o-rings are replaced with OEM Mitsubishi, the best available for your transfer case.

New spacers

Bearing shims are serve the important job of holding bearings at their prescribed preload/clearance.

New fasteners

All fasteners are replaced with shiny-new hardware.

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